Fish Tales
by Jean Kimble

FISH TALES - " H x 26" W. This painting was inspired by my original koi pond at my former home. Also residing in the pond were a small number of shubunkin goldfish. Their intensely bright colors always amazed me, and the bright blue portions of their skin, especially in sunlight, looked like little pieces of the sky had fallen into the pond! I have a tendency to name my fish by their markings, and enjoy being able to identify them; this one's name was Anvil. As for the water lilies, I love them! I've had white, yellow and pink water lilies, but none compare with the clean purity of the white! I still have shubunkins, and white and pink water lilies in my present pond.

Framed in an ornate antique gold/silver frame with navy blue suede mat and gold/silver filet. 

Framed dimensions: 20-3/4

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