by Jean Kimble

FLAMENCO - When I exhibited at the Florida Wildlife Exposition, I carved out some extra days during my stay to explore some of Florida and try to get some photographs of flamingos. I found a small flock at Homosassa Springs State Wildlife Park. They were beyond beautiful, and definitely not what I had expected. Instead of being pink, as I had expected, they were mostly bright red with some pink. Their intense colors blew me away, and I spent hours there photographing them. Rangers told me that the birds, roaming farther north than usual, had found the park on their own and decided to stay there. Rangers began putting out food; the birds would fly out and return whenever they wanted, but always came back at night. Because they were wild and free, they retained their bright red plumage instead of fading to pink as flamingos in captivity usually do. I was privileged to see these birds and spend some time with them! This one was doing a preening dance of sorts, right in the middle of sun spangles on the water. It was as if it knew it had the spotlight! .

Framed in soft tailored silver frame with black suede mat and silver filet. 

Framed dimensions - 16-3/4" H x 16" W.

$ 495.00

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