Gossip Party
by Jean Kimble

GOSSIP PARTY - Whenever I went to a show that required a stay of a few days or more, I always planned little trips out into the countryside to see what the area had to offer in the way of inspiration for new work. One year, while showing at the South Eastern Wildlife Exposition in Charleston, SC, I made a trip to a nearby plantation-turned-attraction called Magnolia Gardens just outside of town. There are beautiful manicured grounds there with magnificent botanical specimens, but a great part of it is left in a wild state for wildlife conservation. There are walking trails around ponds, marshes, and woods. I came across this pond and this fallen tree, which was so loaded with sunning mud turtles that I had to cut most of them out when I painted the picture you see here. There were turtles EVERYWHERE! I'm surprised the tree branches didn't break from the weight of them! There were little bitty turtles, great big turtles, and every size in between. Cute little rascals!

Frames in a plain antiqued silver frame with navy suede mat and silver filet. 

Framed dimensions: 25" H x 33" W.

$ 1,895.00

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