High Noon on the Rappahannock
by Jean Kimble

HIGH NOON ON THE RAPPAHANNOCK -  When I lived in Lancaster County, I didn't really travel to the upper reaches of the county that much, where the Rappahannock River was just a little more brackish. A few years before I left, however, I needed to do some photographic research for a project the county had commissioned me to do, which required some trips along the upper reaches of the river in the county before it went into the next county. Here, about 25 miles upriver, I was amazed at the small differences in topography and plant life as the river began transitioning from purely salt water to ever-so-slightly brackish water. Still beautiful! Still my Rappahannock...!

Frames in dark cherry with dark teal green mat and cherry filet with gold beading. 

Framed dimensions: 14" H x 17" W.

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