Living on the Edge
by Jean Kimble

LIVING ON THE EDGE -The profusion of early summer blooming was in full swing one June day as I was driving down the road and came to a small bridge over a creek about 12 miles from home. Tumbling down the embankment was a riot of orange day lilies and Queen Anne's lace, with dancing butterflies flitting among the flowers, kissed by the sun, but set off in deep contrast with the shadows of the trees lining the creek below. It was so beautiful and such a contrast of lighting that I knew I had to paint it. I drove all the way home to get my camera and then all the way back to photograph it multiple times to catch the nuances. This painting is the result.

Framed in a formal gold with silver undertone frame with navy blue suede mat and gold/silver filet. 

Framed dimensions: 28" H x 38" W.

$ 2,450.00

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