by Jean Kimble

ORIANA – SOLD! When I first completed this painting from the beach at Nags Head, NC, I named it something else. I can't even remember what I originally called it, but very shortly after I painted it, before I even showed it anywhere, I heard a piece of music written by Al DiMeola, a jazz-fusion musician whose work I greatly admire. The piece was called "Oriana" after his daughter, and is an instrumental piece. This music is mesmerizing, much like the ocean. The steady base beats throughout with a rhythm like ceaseless, incoming ocean waves, while in the foreground are piano notes characterizing the individual droplets of water that fall from the spray of the cresting waves. One has to hear it to believe it, and when I heard it, I knew I had to rename the piece. This painting was similar in size to "Farewell" and sold for about $3200.

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$ 3,200.00

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