Russian Roulette
by Jean Kimble

RUSSIAN ROULETTE -  I have owned and still own everything in this painting except for the Colt .357 revolver, which I gave to my son. The brass oil lamp was found underneath the corner stairwell of the wings in an old Vaudeville social hall we used to own in Northumberland County. It was underneath a pile of rubbish, and was all beaten up and dinged. I had it repaired and restored as well as could be done--it was very fragile--and then had it electrified. I use it today. The old leather books were my father's, and were published in the early 1800's; I still have those as well. As for the pistol, that was also my father's. I will leave it up to you why I called the painting Russian Roulette...

Framed in a heavy burnished gold frame with rich chestnut suede mat and burnished gold filet. 

Framed dimensions: 37" H x 31" W.

$ 2,450.00

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