Swan's Down
by Jean Kimble

SWAN'S DOWN - One of my favorite birds is the swan. Of course, being a wildlife artist, I prefer the wild whistling swans, but in my area of the Chesapeake Bay, feral domestic mute swans are edging out the whistlers; they are bigger and much more aggressive. I had many mute swans visit my cove, and even fed them from time to time. Like domestic ducks, they love bread and will come to anyone who appears to have food for them. They walked all over my shoreline and hung out around my dock quite often, so I photographed them frequently. They left their downy feathers everywhere they went, as they preen a lot to keep their feathers properly oiled. When I did this painting, I wanted to do something a little different and surrealistic; I think the "quilted" background and downy feather floating on the mirrored surface pull it all together with its name.

Framed in a simple silver frame with medium gray top mat and black inner mat. 

Framed dimensions: 17" H x 14-1/2" W.

$ 375.00

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