The Grandmother's Jugs
by Jean Kimble

MY GRANDMOTHER'S JUGS -  For as long as I can remember, my paternal grandmother always had these pottery water jugs sitting on the screened back porch of their home. They were a fixture, always there. When my grandparents passed away and the house was broken up, I was grown and living away. I never gave much thought about what had happened to the pottery jugs. Then, when my own parents died and I was cleaning out their house and garage, I found the jugs. The memories really came rushing back! I loved the contrast between the rough, unglazed pitcher, replete with lines from the potter's wheel, and the smooth, glossy and colored surface of the glazed pitcher. I wanted to paint a study in the contrast of the surfaces of these to jugs. I still have these pitchers proudly displayed on the top of my kitchen cabinets, along with some other treasures.

Framed in a plain antiqued silver frame with navy suede mat and silver filet. 

Framed dimensions: 30" H x 24" W.

$ 1,895.00

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