The Tempest
by Jean Kimble

THE TEMPEST - When my kids were little, we vacationed every summer at Kill Devil Hills on North Carolina's Outer Banks. We all loved the ocean beaches, and were always looking for shells. We found many broken ones, but rarely whole ones since the surf so quickly pulverized them. We dreamed of finding a large conch shell intact. Even so, it was difficult because other shell collectors always got there before we did and beat us to the good ones. One day, after there had been a storm the previous day, as we were walking down the beach, we saw something flipping over and over in the surf. We realized it was a large conch shell rolling over in the waves. Each time a wave brought it to shore, just as quickly the back wash from the receding wave would suck it back out and it would disappear underneath the next wave. Several people stopped to watch, but went on when they lost sight of it. Finally, as it reappeared for the 4th or 5th time, my oldest son ran forward and grabbed it before it could get away again. I still have that shell, and I used it for this painting, showing that split second when it rested on the beach before another waved crashed on top of it and dragged it away. Framed in a formal gold w/silver undertone frame, with deep teal green suede mat and gold/silver filet. 

Framed dimensions: 22" H x 37-1/2" W.

$ 2,450.00

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