Sketch: Ellis Island - Main Hall
by Mort Kunstler

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Image Size 14" x 14 1/2"
Frame Size 25 1/2" x 26'

Sketch done by Mort Künstler during his work on the piece "Ellis Island - Main Hall"

    Ellis Island, at the mouth of the Hudson River in New York Harbor, is the location of what was at one time the main entry facility for immigrants entering the United States; the facility operated from January 1, 1892 until November 12, 1954. Between 1905 and 1914, an average of one million immigrants per year arrived in the United States. Immigration officials reviewed about 5,000 immigrants per day during peak times at Ellis Island. The peak year for immigration at Ellis Island was 1907, with 1,004,756 immigrants processed. The all-time daily high occurred on April 17, 1907, when 11,747 immigrants arrived. Needless to say, Ellis Island was always a place brimming with activity and people.

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