The American Spirit
by Tom duBois

"As a boy, the photo of United States Marines raising our flag on Mt. Suribachi on Iwo Jima, at the end of World War II, made a powerful impact on my life.

That spirit of national pride has always led me to be a defender of the ideals that created our great nation. Today, I am alarmed by What I view as continuing attacks on our basic, founding principles. As an artist, I hope to encourage all American, freedom-loving patriots to rekindle The American Spirit with a new, visual inspiration.

It was hardy individuals willing to sacrifice much who made this country. We should sacredly treasure the independence and freedom they acquired on our behalf. We should never take our liberty for granted.

I chose General Washington for this painting, because he is indicative of the personal courage required to fight for the ideals upon which America is founded. But, the flag he is carrying is a modern, 50—star Flag. It has been worn and shot through, but it is within our American Spirit to pick it up and return it to its glory. Sure-footing is provided by the rock—solid principle of our Constitution. Our flag staff is topped with the cross to remind today’s Americans of the Christian principles that guided our founders.

The ribbon winding about the general's feet says; Lita, Libertatem, Felicitas,which is Latin for life, liberty, and happiness. Let us be forever vigilant to maintain that order. Let us place our lives and our liberty before even our own happiness.

Tyranny must not triumph!"

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Studio Canvas 32" x 24"
Classic Canvas 40" x 30"
Open Studio Canvas 16" x 12"
Open Classic Canvas 24" x 18"
Giclee Poster 24" x 18"
Digital Open Paper 16" x 12"

$ 45.00