The Promise
by Jean Kimble

THE PROMISE – You might get lucky and see some unforgettable views along the interstate highways that crisscross our country, but never anything like the intimate scenes you’ll come across on the hidden byways and backroads. One such scene is this early spring view from a tiny country road crossing North Mountain in the Potomac highlands of West Virginia. We had left the whitewater of the Potomac River far below us as we crested the ridge. The delicate pinks and mauves of eastern redbuds were a riot of color among the lush green of new leaves popping out on many trees. The bright sunlight filtered through the canopy of tree branches, bathing everything in a soft glow. It seemed like some sort of magical fairyland. The road beckoned one on to see more on the downhill slope after a hard climb up. What lay hidden just beyond the next curve in this stunning, ethereal beauty? Spring, a season of great promise, is fleeting, and to be savored! Tis original soft pastel painting is framed in a muted dusky green suede top mat with a metallic silver inner mat, and an elegant silver frame.

Framed dimensions are 28.5” T x 37” W. 

Giclee canvas and paper prints are available

$ 3,295.00

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