Winter Cardinal
by Jean Kimble

Of all the birds that show up at a typical backyard feeder, perhaps none are as bold and beautiful as the male cardinal. Brilliant, pure red from head to tail, with a little black mask around his eyes to his beak, the male cardinal is a sight to behold. Whether it’s against a backdrop of pristine snow or the lush greens of summer, the cardinal is a stand-out. There is no camouflaging this fellow as he surveys his territory from a branch of an Eastern cedar covered with its bountiful crop of pale blue berries. This original soft pastel painting is framed in a metallic silvery-gold organic-styled frame with navy blue suede top mat and red inner mat.


"WINTER CARDINAL" – Our beautiful cardinal is one of the country’s favorite backyard birds. Bright and colorful, hard to miss, this cheerful bird is a welcome addition to any winter scene. Male cardinal perched on an eastern cedar branch loaded with blue cedar berries.

Framed Dimensions are 21" W x 23" T 

Giclee paper prints are available

$ 1,295.00

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