5 Ways You Can Help Preserve Your Prints December 08 2015

Limited Edition Prints and Giclées must be cared for properly if you want to uphold it's condition. All our prints have been reproduced on the highest quality acid free paper available. The print should be framed by an experienced picture framer, one who is familiar with canvas prints and uses only acid free materials when framing a print of this quality. The collector value is affected if the original condition of the print is altered in any way.To protect your Limited Edition Print and giclées, the following recommendations should be carefully followed:

  1. Keep your artwork away from all heat sources,and out of direct sunlight
  2. Never hang on a damp wall
  3. Never dry mount or attach your prints to a mounting board
  4. Only acid free corners or hinges should be used when framing your print.
  5. Never store your prints in areas subject to extreme heating or cooling conditions
If properly cared for, your artwork will retain its quality for many years to come.