Confederate Christmas - Framed
by Mort Kunstler

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Image Size 42 3/8" x 24 1/4"
Frame Size  49 1/4" x 31 1/4"

    Winter's icy blast has come, heralding the arrival of a Christmas far away form home and family. The soldiers must share the pleasures of the holiday amongst themselves, without loved ones, but not without some merriment. Some have brandished an axe to retrieve a Yuletide tree for the camp, and perhaps St. Nicholas will pay a visit to these men so far from home. Will he leave behind simple, yet much needed, gifts as new socks, a scarf, or a shirt? Perhaps it will be a box sent from family and friends they miss. No matter, for these men will decorate the tree with pieces of hardtack and bright paper. From modest haversacks will come a feast, and a bottle of spirits produced to enliven and warm the day. During the few hours of peace, they have their celebration. A lonely young soldier raises his voice in song:

"Never forget the dear ones, around the social hearth, sunny smiles of gladness, the songs of artless mirth; other scene may woo thee, in other lands to roam, never forget the dear ones, that cluster round thy home" 
   - "Never Forget the Dear Ones", by George F. Root.

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