by John Paul Strain


by John Paul Strain

The LeMat revolver was invented in New Orleans by Jean Alexandre LeMat in 1856.
Known as the “Grapeshot Revolver” because it sported a 20 gauge smooth bore barrel
below the 40 caliber pistol barrel. The revolver’s cylinder contains nine bullets,
compared to Colt and Remington’s six shooters. The unique design gave the owner an
enormous amount of fire power in a hand held weapon. Less than a hundred pistols
were manufactured in Philadelphia in 1859. When war broke out, the Confederacy
ordered 5000 pieces and manufacturing shifted to Liege, Belgium and Paris, France.
After they were manufactured, these European-made pistols were shipped to
Birmingham, England where they were inspected and proof-marked. The pistols were
then shipped to Bermuda, and off loaded onto small fast paddle wheel steamboats to
New Orleans, avoiding the Union blockade. Consequently only approximately 1500
made it to the Confederacy.


LeMat revolvers were highly coveted by the Confederate hierarchy. A number of prominent generals carried the weapon, including JEB Stuart, Stonewall Jackson, Braxton Bragg, Richard H. Anderson, and P. G. T. Beauregard. General JEB Stuart carried a LeMat with serial number #115, which was one of the first models. Today the revolver is on display at the museum of the Confederacy.

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