Peace In The Valley
by John Paul Strain

Peace in the Valley
Opequon Presbyterian Church
Kernstown, Virginia - Winter of 1862

Peace in the Shenandoah Valley had returned during the early winter months of 1862. The great Stonewall Jackson and his troops had driven out the armies from the North with skill and boldness. General Jackson now commanded the new II Corps with 33,000 troops, beginning the immense task of organizing and preparing his men for the many challenges to come.

There was an air of festivity in the town of Winchester as the holiday season was approaching and winter snows had blanketed the valley. Jackson’s wife, Anna had arrived to be with her husband and took up residence with the Reverend Graham family on Braddock Street just a short walk from the general’s headquarters. As Anna and the Graham children prepared for Christmas, General Jackson prepared his troops for what the new year would bring. 

But for now as Stonewall rode past the Opequon Church he was content. He had won peace for his beloved Valley.

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